Bibliometric indicators of biomedical production 2012-2016 for centers in the Universities sector.

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Ranking of organizations (2012-2016)
1 Organizations: Research center reported by the authors of the documents selected for the study.
2 Docs: Citable documents (articles, reviews and proceedings papers) on any Health and Life Science disciplines (Biomedicine).
3 % Biomed: Percentatge of biomedical documents to the total output of the country.
4 Cites: Number of citations to the citable documents included in Biomedicine as of the summer of 2017.
5 Relative Citation Index: Ratio between the number of citations to a paper and the average number of citations to the papers in the same journal in the same year according to the WOS. Values higher than 1 are colored in green and mean a value over the global average. Values under 1 are colored by orange and by red if they are under 0.5.
6 Highly Cited Papers: Number of publications in the top 1% most cited documents of the same type, in the same discipline and year, in the world according to the WOS.
7 Relative Highly Cited Papers: Percentage of HCP to the total output of the entity being analyzed. Values over 1% indicate that the entity showed more HCP documents than the 1% expected and are colored in green. Values under 1% are colored by orange and by red if they are under 0.5%
8 % Int: Percentage of documents published in collaboration with authors outside Spain.

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